Massage Rooms

OUR MASSAGE ROOMS The most preferred massages of the east and the west are made with natural oils special for everyone's sign, and we chose 100% natural and no additives for use in our Turkish Bath section, which is a part of our culture, and for the use of Spa hand foot and natural hair care. In addition, pestemal, towel, slipper and personally opened pouch with argan soap and shampoo are provided by us.
Skin and body treatments in Miramar Spa are carried out by our qualified diploma esthetics. Classical skin care for general cleaning, restorative and moisturizing treatments, whitening and spot removal skin care, also special eye care around the eyes, purple circles, removal of bagging are carried out in our center.
In order to offer the most effective technology to our guests, the German patented Vestalface products we use in our skin and body care contain nano technology, and Antiage care and micro lifting application made with the same products delay the effects of recession by activating the epidermis layer.


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