Spa Section

In the SPA SECTION, which we call wet areas, we have dressing cabins, sauna, steam room, shower jacuzzi and 6-bath, tiled Ottoman Baths that are a part of our culture.
Customer satisfaction is essential at Miramar Spa, the most important condition being hygiene. It has been sprayed with a 3-year guarantee by a Japanese company with an antibacterial product especially against wetting all kinds of bacteria and fungi. In addition, our daily, monthly maintenance and spraying are carried out by corporate companies.
As can be seen from the above details, the most important features that distinguish MIRAMAR DAY SPA from other Spa centers are that we serve only women at the beginning, we are a full service spa center that hosts all kinds of care units that women of all ages need, with all means of transportation on the Anatolian side in the city center. It is in a position where you can reach easily.


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