Body Shaping Therapies

Our body slimming, cellulite removal and recovery care programs address different body structures. Body analysis, health status and tissue type are determined by body analysis and the most appropriate CARE PACKAGES are recommended.
We are constantly renewing ourselves in weakening and regional thinning, and with the latest technological equipment, packages are prepared in accordance with the data of body analysis at the request of our guests. In this direction, Cavitation, Rotation, radiofrequency, ultrasound pallet and cold lipolysis applications are applied, then vacum drainage and lymphatic drainage are applied in order to eliminate oil and edema that are broken in the body.
Special therapies applied with this machine, which contains 50kHz Cavitation, Tripolar RF, Vacum and Electro Stimulation technologies.
Thinning Sculptural Care; Computer-controlled cavitation removes fat, clears soft areas, is applied in combination with vacuum therapy and lymph drainage.
Kavi - Palette Maintenance; It is a combination of Cavitation and Ultrasound Palette. It reduces lubrication. It removes cellulites and makes the body thinner. They collect the tissues,
Photon Rotation Care; Treatment with photon light therapy and Rotation vacuum massage removes cellulite and gives skin tightness. It strengthens tissues and vessels.
Recovery Radiofrequency Care; It is the most effective method in weakening and sagging problems due to aging. Weakening with the radio frequency method is an application in which people with regional weight problems have shown intense demand in recent years.
It is a controlled and regional skin cooling method that frees fat cells and makes them dysfunctional. In fact, it is a widely known fact that when fat cells are exposed to cold, they enter programmed cell death (apoptosis), also referred to as "cold-induced paniculitis" in dermatology.
Cold lipolysis method, body mass index is normal or slightly above normal, in normal weight or up to 10 kilograms, in general, without weight, stubborn in certain areas (back, abdomen, hips, side bagels, arms, bras in the back, bends under the chest) It is very suitable for people who have fat. It can be used comfortably in pregnant women 3 months after birth and after cesarean surgery, after wound healing is completed. However, it may take 1-2 days depending on the person to get the redness formed on the scar. Apart from this, there is no side effect.
Cold lipolysis is applied only 1 session. This single session provides 20-40% reduction of fat. Changes in the body begin to appear 4 weeks after the application. It takes between 2-4 months to see the actual result, the cold lipolysis focuses inside the fat cells and the melted fat is brought into the form that the body can absorb in the normal way. The melted fat is removed from the body through natural lymph drainage in the next stage.
It is a special bed treatment that includes different technologies within magnetotherapy.
These technologies are Electromagnetic and Infrared waves. During treatment, we can use it separately, as well as actively use it in two waves at the same time.
Seaweed mask, which is applied as cellulite remover in thinning therapy, is applied to the body with the help of a brush and after 30 minutes in the stone therapy bed. It is suspended. Infrared rays pass through the inner surface of the bed covered with Volcanic stones and help the applied mask reach the bottom layer of the skin.
Since it provides softening of existing fats before cavitation, it increases the effectiveness of subsequent cavitation treatment. As it accelerates the body circulation, the combined use in cellulite treatments provides a faster reach to the target.
It is a special and effective mattress that can treat the fatty tissue in the navel, side bagel, hip, leg and arm areas at the same time.
Ultrasound system, which is the latest technology in regional thinning, is a non-surgical method that combats regional fatigue and cellulite problems with the help of ultrasound, that is, sound waves. To break up and melt fat that is stored in waist, abdomen, belly, arm, hip and back and cannot be dissolved; It is a powerful system used to improve the unwanted appearance in cellulite areas. Ultrasound therapy converts these fats into free fatty acids by initiating breakdown in fat cells, making them disposable by the patient.
It is based on the principle that the subcutaneous fat tissue is broken down by using low frequency ultrasound waves and the fluid that is leaking is removed from there. The spread of ultrasound applied to the outer surface of the skin is a method applied by making sudden and high pressure changes in the cell fluid in the fat tissue.
The generated ultrasound waves break down the fat cell membranes and are removed from the area via liver and lymph to expose the exposed oil or body. It is a non-surgical method that provides improvement with the help of regional fatigue and cellulite sound waves.
ELECTROTHERAPY (Passive Gymnastics)
Electrotherapy is a regional thinning method based on activating skin, subcutaneous and deep muscle groups with high frequency electrical stimuli.
This method is applied by using direct current with electrodes placed on the body. Electrotherapy provides regional weakening, recovery of sagging and weak muscles, increasing the skin and subcutaneous circulation, and improving the quality of the skin and tightening of the applied area.
The activity in the application areas during the process increases the oxygenation in the tissues and accelerates the burning of the oils. In particular, it positively affects the result of lymph drainage after electrotherapy.
The most important leg of cellulite treatment is massage. The main reason for the formation of cellulite, circulatory disorders. Disruption in blood and lymph circulation and increase in fat tissue lead to accumulation of toxic substances. When combined with special oils that accelerate the cellulite massage, it activates blood and lymph circulation and ensures that the tissues are filled with fresh oxygen.
It is a method that increases the effectiveness of regional slimming and body tightening programs in the treatment of edema in the body due to many diseases, in the treatment of cellulite.
Lymph Drainage applications, Karin, leg and arm mansions and the lymphatic system throughout the body are effectively drained, edema is resolved, blood circulation is increased and metabolites in the lymph ducts are removed from the body. Thanks to the lymphatic massage technique applied by the body-worn special jumpsuit from the toes to the neck, the blood circulation is activated, and the disintegrated fats, liquid and toxins kept in the body are excreted through the urine.
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