Massage Ceremonies

Different massages that are applied to the whole body or regional have been seen as a health potion since historical times.
The massage ceremonies we offer include classical massages and fusion massages that are combined with special techniques.
ALL BODY MASSAGES Duration 50 minutes
It is a massage technique that collects muscles and tissues. It reduces joint pain, removes muscle involvement, and accelerates blood circulation. It gives health and wellness to the body. It is hard / semi-hard application. It is applied with organic oil options.
It is a soft massage technique developed by the combination of Swedish massage and sensory awareness techniques. It improves the body and brings peace and quiet to the mind and the senses. It is a soft and slow application. It is applied with aromatic oil options.
Different stones, colors and plants are mentioned that reveal and balance the life energy of the person with every sign. In their daily lives, people observe that their energies increase when they take care to use stones, colors and plants special to their zodiac signs.
It reduces tension, relaxes back muscles, prevents pain and stiffness. Humpback, heavy loads, poor sitting position, standing for a long time causes stretching and knotting of the muscles, massage relaxes the muscles and provides relief of pain and pain.
Traditional Balinese Masaji technique is applied to your body with long, flexible and effective touches accompanied by aromatherapy oils. This massage uses a combination of acupressure and aromatic oils to accelerate the flow of blood, oxygen and energy throughout the body. This brings deep relief and well-being to the person. Using a deep pressure manipulation with moderate blows and pressure points, it is reached below the superficial muscle layers.
It is made with smooth and highly hard stones in black color, which is made ready for maintenance by heating in water. These stones are applied by placing them on certain parts of the body such as back, neck, waist, palms, toes, abdomen. In this application, lava stones are preferred because they keep the heat well and cool down late. The hot stones, which provide a thermotherapy effect especially on the muscles, accelerate the blood circulation by penetrating the body, thus enabling the cells to contact the body with more oxygen and consequently the metabolism to accelerate. Regular maintenance with volcanic stones stimulates the energy centers called sacra in our body, purifies our body from negative energy, renews the soul and body energy and provides a very spiritual, mental and physical relaxation.
REGIONAL MASSAGES. Duration 30 minutes
The basis of reflexology massage is based on the teaching that the feet are the mirror of the body. The feet represent the human body, and each point corresponds to a region in the body. It is based on the belief that the body reacts to this by stimulating these areas through massage. With the reaction of the person to certain points, the problem in this region is tried to be identified and the problem in this region is tried to be eliminated with the necessary manipulations. For this reason, reflexology is a kind of “balance” massage and it makes the person feel good in terms of physical, emotional and spiritual care, and gains the natural balance of the person.
The most important leg of cellulite treatment is massage. The main reason for the formation of cellulite, circulatory disorders. Disruption in blood and lymph circulation and increase in fat tissue lead to accumulation of toxic substances. When combined with special oils that accelerate the cellulite massage, it activates blood and lymph circulation and ensures that the tissues are filled with fresh oxygen.
A massage that is applied with a special aromatic material on the body, upper body, back, shoulders, scalp, hair and face, relaxes the muscles and accelerates blood circulation and joint pain caused by muscle involvement and immobility in the upper body, nodules in the back, chronic neck stiffness, headache, migraine In hair related complaints such as shedding and dandruff, it is effective in cases such as facial pain, toxin accumulation, anxiety, restlessness, tension, anxiety, insomnia, concentration disorder and mental fatigue.
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