Salt Therapy Room

Salt Room Therapy; It takes place in our Special Salt Room where floors, ceilings and walls are covered with natural salts. By spraying very finely ground Himalayan Salt into the air, a sterile, relaxing and negative ion environment without microbes and allergens is provided. This environment provides relief in the respiratory tract of the person in the Salt Room, and the person feels healthy, vigorous and fit at the end of the therapy.
Salt Room therapy, known as HALOTHERAPY, has been proven by clinical trials, especially for many respiratory diseases such as asthma and bronsitis, as well as many skin diseases such as joint pain and eczema, psoriasis.
Salt Therapy Room is recommended by experts once a week to relieve stress and fatigue, and it is stated that people of all ages, including pregnant and babies, can easily benefit because it is completely natural.
In the Salt Therapy Room, breathing therapies that are too small to be seen are recommended for periods ranging from half an hour or 45 minutes daily. These therapy sessions can be applied as approximately 15 to 20 days sessions as respiratory therapy and can be made up to 2 or 3 spheres per year.
At Miramar Spa, the concept of MIRAMAR SIGNED SALT THERAPY is combined with halotherapy, hydrotherapy and thermotherapy. This concept ends with hydrotherapy in a 20-minute salt jacuzzi and a 50-minute salt-stone massage after a 45-minute salt breathing session.
The movement of the waves in the salt jacuzzi creates a large amount of negatively charged ions. With a 20-minute bath at 36-38 degrees, which is also used in the treatment of insomnia, a physical and spiritual relaxation is achieved, while a tense and silky skin and relaxed body are achieved.
Natural Salt stones used in the hot salt stone massage for 50 minutes, applied in the last stage of therapy, are a very rich source of negative ions. The energy of these stones gives us the feeling of not being surrounded by nature. Therefore, at the end of the hot salt stone massage made with warm aromatic oils, the person gains physical and mental comfort and calmness.

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