Body Treatments

- Stimulating Body Treatments
- Mineral Mud Mask Care
- Pure Therapy in Jacuzzi
Miramar signed augmentative treatments in SPA capsule
Body Care and Milk Bath Therapy with a total of 3 hours of Gold, Green Tea and Coffee
Besides the maintenance, the use of rest areas is free. You can enjoy the relaxation while sipping your mixed herbal tea, which is specially prepared at the end of the session.
* Gold Therapy: It nourishes the body in terms of mineral and provides the body's moisture balance. It also helps repair and renew the skin.
* Green Tea Therapy: Thanks to the antioxidant effect of green tea, it nourishes the skin and also creates a detox effect. The skin gets a smooth look after green tea therapy.
* Coffee Therapy: Besides the calming effect of coffee, it improves blood circulation and helps to carry the skin tightening and smooth appearance as it supports oxygen transport.
First, peeling with Gold, Coffee or Green Tea cream is applied to clean skin to open pores and to remove dead skin on the skin, then massage is applied to accelerate the blood circulation with the appropriate massage oil.
Then, the appropriate mask with cell regenerating effect is applied to the whole body by wrapping and it is easily cleaned after waiting for 20 minutes in the hot stone therapy bed.
Then, when the guest is massaged with jet air for 20 minutes in the jacuzzi filled with Gold, Coffee or Green Tea bath therapy milk, Altin, Coffee or Green tea luminous lotion, which supports the skin elasticity and provides moisture balance, is applied to the body by light massage.
The herbal tea ends with herbal tea in the lounge.
Mineral Mud Mask Treatment for 60 minutes and Natural Moisturization Massage with an average of 20 minutes Aromatic Candles
Besides this maintenance, wet area usage is free. Mixed herbal tea prepared specially will be served at the end of the session.
This natural care increases the elasticity while providing the skin with the moisture and minerals it needs. By providing excretion of toxins in the body, it also creates a soothing and relaxing effect.
Mineral mud mask is applied to the body with the help of a brush. The mud mask, which contains many rich minerals and vitamins, such as iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, provides a natural peeling effect, and also provides skin tightening.
This mask is kept in the body for 20 minutes in a warm environment and cleaned with the help of warm water.
Later, aromatic candles containing vitamin E, Omega 3 and 6 will be melted and the massage will take you to a completely different world with its intense moistening as well as its unique scent,
It is a special therapy applied to jacuzzide with aromatic oils and Himalayan Salt.
* Regulates blood circulation. It accelerates the removal of toxins from the body. It helps regular functioning of the digestive system.
* Helps heal rheumatic diseases. It is used in hydrotherapy.
* It softens and relaxes the muscles. Especially sports, etc. It removes the spasms in the muscular structure that get tired and hard after physical work. It relieves pain in bones and joints.
* It provides renewal of the dynamism of the body. It almost energizes the body.
* It eliminates the negative effects of heavy work tempo such as brain fatigue, mental fatigue, stress on the nervous system and gives vitality.
* It takes the excessive electric charge on the body and provides relief.
* It has a healing effect in eliminating depressive problems such as tension or sleep disorders at night.
* It is beneficial for the fats to be melted and the body to form, the skin and skin texture to be smooth and beautiful.
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