Bridal Bath Package

Bridal Bath Package
The usage period of Gelin Hammam package is 3 hours. During this period, the spa area will be allocated for the special use of guests attending the bridal bath organization.
The spa is decorated in accordance with the concept of the bride bath.
Our welcome at Miramar Spa begins in the spacious and frequent entrance rest section. Here, after our snacks (chips, dried fruits, etc.) and special herbal tea prepared on the coffee tables, guests move to the changing cabinets.
The guests are ready to enter the bathhouse by wearing sterile pestamal, bathrobes and towels and disposable slippers in their changing cabinets. Towels, slippers, etc. with the guests. they don't need to bring it. They can bring bikinis or swimsuits to dress under the pestamalin in the hammam only if they so desire.
In the meantime, music broadcasting is done in the bath. If any, the music preferred by the owner of the bride bath, or the music we recommend, is used.
After the use of sauna and steam room, the tambour to be distributed to all guests and the fun starts on the belly stone accompanied by oriental music.
While the bride and wife are given a pouch & foam massage for 30 minutes in the hammam, the bride's friends also wash themselves. Cold beverages are served to guests in the sauna and hammam.
After the pleasure of the bath, guests change clothes and go to the rest section at the entrance. Here, after the tea served with vegetables and cup cake served next to the tea, the ceremony ends.
After the bride's bath, henna seromonis is desired (an additional 1 hour rental fee is 300 TL). In this ceremony, caftan and henna basket are provided by us.
Other guests, other than the bride, can make a pouch in the hammam for 25 TL if they wish.
Apart from our standard treats, an open buffet consisting of 5 kinds of treats (2 kinds of cold appetizers or salads, stuffed with olive oil, pastries and a kind of dessert) is prepared if desired. OPEN BUFFET fee, 500 TL for 10 people. It is not possible to bring food from outside.
In addition, the Fruit Tray service for the belly button can be paid for 250 TL.
Our service hours are between 09.00-19.00
Except for our service hours, there is an extra (300 TL) fee for the organizations that will be hosted by AKSAM and WEEKEND.
We will be happy to welcome you on our spam to see the details.
For detailed information and appointment, please contact us.
0216 350 00 47

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